Helping specialty coffee farmers access premium markets through sustainable direct trade relationships. Full transparency & traceability.

Our mission is to de-commoditize the way coffee is traded. Starting with our home country and largest producing origin – Brazil, we give producers and co-operatives a platform to participate further within the coffee supply chain. This permits roasters and importers worldwide to generate greater impact at origin through direct relationships with our producer network on a full transparency & traceability model.

Create impact at origin with UPC’s direct trade models

By sourcing with Union de Productores de Café, you are creating impact at origin with each bag, valuing the work of passionate spe- cialty coffee producers and supporting a sustainable supply chain.

From a Spot, Pre Shipment and FOB selection, our models permit your connection to origin with the delivery time and order size that best suits your operations:


From our warehouses in London & Antwerp, we offer speedy deliveries to both the United Kingdom and the European Union. Our spot offerings are great opportunities


Have access to a much larger range of relationships at origin, through our pre-ship- ment selections. You can choose to ship your full container load on your own, or ar- range container consolidations from our regularly scheduled consignments leaving Brazil.

Pre-shipment offers count on the same quality assurance and reservation scheme booking from Spot, along with an applied preferred pricing system.


 Ready for FOB offers? Have your full container loads shipped directly to your desired port and count on the assistance from our logistics team.

Reservations and Payment

Spot and Pre-shipment reservations allow 3 months of warehousing and String release”

Coffee Categories

With farmer groups across many producing regions in Brazil, we have access to a large diversity of coffee profiles, at different traceability levels and price points.

High scoring, unique micro lots, from higher grown regions, rare cultivars, innovative processings, and competition winners.

Medium to large sized single farms producing consistent year round volumes.

Female producers making an impact for gender equality in the coffee industry.

Lots built with the help of our quality team to reach a specific profile and cup score.

Region focused co-operative blends showcasing unique quality profiles for higher volume, price sensitive operations. 

Full Container Load sourcing FOB of mainstream commercial, specialty and certified coffees.  Our origin team at Farmhouse Trading can offer a wide spectrum of price brackets and coffee regions.

Producing members of the collaborative Minasul Europe project between UPC & Minasul Co-operative: Producers Storing in Europe

Conilon Capixaba and Amazonian robustas have been ever so more notorious for rewriting the perception of Robusta qualities.