Farmhouse Trading
Sister Company

Our sister company, Farmhouse Trading, provides FCL commercial brokerage and international logistics support for mainstream quality inquiries.
Through our vast network of producers, co-operatives, and exporters in Brazil, we provide clients worldwide with a diverse range of mainstream coffee qualities. Based in Varginha, Minas Gerais, we’re in the heart of coffee trading, sourcing from many regions and delivering with our reliable logistics support and quality control.

NY 2 17/18 SS Fine Cup

NY 2/3 MTGB Fine Cup

NY 2/3 17/18 Good Cup

NY 2 17/18 SS Fine Cup

NY 4/5 MTGB Good Cup

NY 2/3 PB Good Cup

Grinders 13+ Fine Cup

Grinders 12+ Good Cup

Rio Minas 17/18

Rio Minas 15/16

Available Certifications UTZ Rain Forest Fair Trade

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