Fazenda Taquaral

Fazenda Taquaral is placed in Serra da Mantiqueira, in the city of Cambuquira, Minas Gerais, with an altitude of 1200 meters, in very fertile lands and with an excellent microclimate which favors the growing of coffees that feature rare and surprising drinks.

Since its foundation in 1889, the farm – managed by the patriarchs of the Carneiro family – has had coffee production as their main agricultural practice.

Currently, Sylvia Morais de Sousa helps her parents, Simone Carneiro de Morais Sousa and Artur Queiroz de Sousa, who are part of the fourth generation of owners, manage their properties. They aim to introduce their daughter to the business and carry out a successful line.

Their properties total 100 hectares of 100% Arabica coffee plantations, the main varieties being Bourbon Yellow, Catuaí, Macaw, Catucaí, Acaiá, and Ruby. Fazenda Taquaral has more than 130 years of tradition and production with environmental sustainability.


More Information About Fazenda Taquaral 

Producer(s): Sylvia Morais de Sousa 

Properties: Fazenda Taquaral

Location: Cambuquira/MG

Altitude: 1200m

Coffee growing area: 100ha

Varieties: Bourbon Yellow, Catuaí, Macaw, Catucaí, Acaiá, and Ruby.