Fazenda Maria Celeste

Claudia Maria Carvalho Ribeiro Rezende’s family has always been linked to coffee growing in the Três Corações region, in Minas Gerais. In 1998, when she acquired the farm, she named it Maria Celeste in honor of her husband’s grandmother, a companion at all hours in the administration of the property. 

Claudia has other properties, but Maria Celeste is her favorite, destined exclusively for coffee production with currently 180 hectares of coffee from the cultivars Bourbon Amarelo, Catucaí Amarelo, and Mundo Novo. Fully mechanized, the farm produces an annual average of 7000 bags.

Claudia also counts on the help of her daughter Júlia and son Túlio in the management of the farms, which are the great source of hope in the progress of the family’s business.

More Information about Fazenda Maria Celeste:

Producer(s): Claudia Maria Carvalho Ribeiro Rezende

Properties: Fazenda Maria Celeste & Fazenda Santa Efigênia

Location: Três Corações/MG

Altitude: 1100m

Coffee growing area: 180 ha

Varieties: Bourbon Amarelo, Catucaí Amarelo and Mundo Novo