Fazenda do Salto

Fazenda do Salto, a centennial estate in the Araujo-Reis family group, is located in Carmo da Cachoeira – Sul de Minas. With around 1,700ha of land (800ha being dedicated to coffee production), Fazenda do Salto is a very traditional family-owned agro-business. 

Being named after their excellence in horse breeding, they are a national reference in the field, having a massive showroom of trophies to display. Lucky enough, their passion for horses is matched for the production of coffee.

In addition to an excellent topography and rich lands, the farm is very privileged for its altitude, reaching up to 1250 meters above sea level, being very much in favor for the production of amazing coffees.

The Araujo Reis Group is able to produce a large volume of consistent quality coffees that can attend to larger run Full Container Load operations worldwide. Their extreme attention to detail and processes are easily noticeable as they are able to manage smaller-scale specialty micro-lots for higher complexity cup profiles and smaller-sized roasteries.

This model of production over the years has resulted in the take up of the other half of their trophy shelves with coffee competitions awards – being very familiar with Minasul’s competition podium.


More Information About Fazenda do Salto

Producer(s): Fábio Araújo Reis, Grupo Araújo Reis

Location: Carmo da Cachoeira/MG

Altitude: 1.220m

Area of the farm: 1.700ha

Coffee growing area: 800ha

Processing method: Pulped Natural, Honey 

Varieties: Arara, Yellow Catucai 2SL

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance