Fazenda do Cedro

Fazenda do Cedro was acquired in 1997 by Sebastião Aluísio de Sales and his business partner Eduardo Moraes Ferreira, in addition to two other properties to jointly compose Fazenda do Cedro (Fazenda Conquista and Fazenda Água Limpa).

Today, the three properties are managed by Sebastião, his wife Karla, and their sons, Rodrigo, Gabriel, and Gustavo.

Located in the south of Minas Gerais, more precisely in a mountainous region of Ilicínea, popularly known as “Chapadão”, Fazenda do Cedro borders the Serra da Boa Esperança state park.

With altitudes ranging from 1,200m to 1,400m above sea level, the majority of the coffees produced at Fazenda do Cedro are scored as specialty.

The property’s altitude, the microclimate of the region, and procedures for excellence and improvement in the harvest and post-harvest result in exquisite coffees that have often been recognized in quality contests, especially on cupping tables.


More Information about Fazenda do Cedro

Producer(s): Sebastião Aluísio de Sales

Properties: Fazenda do Cedro e Chapadão 

Location: Ilicínia/MG

Altitude: 1,200m to 1,400m

Coffee growing area: 180 ha

Varieties: Bourbon Amarelo, Catucaí Amarelo and Mundo Novo

Certifications: Rainforest Alliance; Starbucks CAFE Practices; AAA Sustainable Quality Program