Fazenda Colina

There’s a saying in Brazil that goes “to do your rice and beans properly”. Meaning that if you follow the fundamentals, the basic steps by the book, you will be successful. Fazenda Colina properly makes their rice and beans.

Their entire production is of natural coffees and are considered by the book specialty coffee producers. With control systems in place to track every lot, they have their entire production scoring over 84. 

Fazenda Colina was acquired in 1999 by Mr. Hudson and his children, who already had agricultural experience, but had dreams about working specifically with coffee. Having envisioned a working family, the Vilela’s are responsible for the development and management of the farm, always seeking social and environmental well-being. 

About 30% of the farm is wildlife preserved, and there are several springs and waterfalls inside the area. With high-end technology, most of the coffee is harvested by machines (when allowed by the terrain). Fully producing their only Naturals, coffees are patio dried from 12-15 days, reaching the target humidity of 12%. In all the steps, the drying process is controlled by periodic measurements of humidity using an accurate capacitation device. The results of this hard work are shown by the many awards the farm has been getting in quality competitions. 


More Information About Fazenda Colina 

Producer(s): Hudson Salvador Vilela and Family 

Location: Luminárias/MG

Altitude: 1250m

Area of the farm: 253ha

Coffee growing area: 80ha

Processing method: Natural, Pulped Natural 

Varieties: Acaiá, Catucaí Amarelo, Rubí, Catuaí Amarelo and Icatú

Certifications: Certifica Minas