Fazenda Brejinho

The Sandy family has been working with coffee cultivation for generations. Mr. Geraldo Sandy Reis planted his first crop in the city of Três Pontas in 1970.

After his premature death, Dona Orestina Silva Reis and her children manage the farms, which are located in the city of Três Corações.

With resilience, the family has become increasingly sustainable, whether by preserving the environment or by improving the lives of their employees.

Focusing on a continuous process of improvement of work processes and thus we reach the much-appreciated specialty coffee. And it is these coffees that provide us with good relationships in the coffee market chain.

In 2021,  the family created their own coffee brand, Dona Oresta – Café Especiais. Always selecting the best batches and prioritizing maximum quality from beginning to end of the entire process.

Tracing their journey with the commitment to always improve every aspect of the work and production, which is intimately intertwined with the lives of each family member.