Fazenda Bela Vista

Being the third generation of farmers, Isabela Lima Reis has lived at Fazenda Bela Vista all her life and has worked there for the past 37 years, always seeking various innovations.

Everything Fazenda Bela Vista has achieved so far has been with the support of her father, mother, and brother, who help in the management of the property.

Their mission has always been to produce high-quality coffees. To do so, they started to incorporate technology into their processes. With time, coffees that were once planted in the mountains and on steep terrains, all handpicked, have opened space to the flat plateau and machines.

Fazenda Bela Vista is no stranger to quality competition podiums. An entire wall of their classic traditional farmhouse transforms the hall into a trophy room. Their goal is to take Bela Vista’s coffee to the world!


More information about Fazenda Bela Vista 

Producer(s): Isabela Lima Reis, Grupo Lima Reis

Properties: Fazenda Bela Vista

Location: Nepomuceno/MG 

Altitude: 1050m

Area of the farm: 716 ha

Area of coffee: 90 ha

Processing method: Natural, Semi-washed, Pulped Natural

Varieties: Acaiá, Catucaí, Mundo Novo, Rubi, Topázio

Certifications: UTZ Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Certifica Minas