Aldeia São Luís

The specialty and sustainable Amazonic Robusta produced by the Aruá indigenous family is a source of pride for the people of Rondônia. The young coffee grower Tawã Aruá, 22 years old follows in the footsteps of his father, Valdir Aruá, who in 2018 became a symbol of inclusive and sustainable coffee farming in the Amazon. They are from the village of São Luís, in the Rio Branco Indigenous Land, in the municipality of Alta Floresta D’Oeste, which is about 600 kilometers from the capital of Rondônia.

The Aruá family has been working with coffee for 18 years. Before participating in contests, agriculture was just a source of income, but now there is much more added value. Today, coffee is the appreciation and recognition of their work and their people.

The production of the Aruá family does not use chemical products, it is a sustainable Amazonian Robusta. It is carried out with attention to every detail in the harvest and post-harvest.

The family also emphasizes the importance of the forest not only for the indigenous people but for the world. They don’t want nor need to deforest. The area they have is enough for good quality production.